Video, Motion Graphics & Animation

My career started in television where I learned broadcast standards and the behind-the-scenes of live TV. I moved on to post production, specializing in motion graphics and 3D animation. Next I took control of the camera, capitalizing on the cinematic quality of DSLR. Now I run the show scripting, shooting, editing, and finishing videos in a corporate environment.

Product Feature Videos

A selection of product videos featured on customer product pages. It's always a fun challenge to make a product stand out from the pack. In addition to shooting video and photography I've been able to explore a variety of motion graphics and animation techniques to bring them to life.


This video was used as an in-store video at select Lowe's locations to showcase this brand new technology. The creative direction was to make the product feel 'epic'. Using a graphic template and script provided by the creative agency The Variable (TVA) I shot, animated, edited, and designed sound for the project. Video was captured with a Nikon D850 on a FotoRobot turntable. Video Copilot's Optical Flares was the major effect utilized in After Effects, but an animated Displacement Map was used to good effect to make the food shot come to life.


This video was a fun challenge as the product was marketed as a social grill, but we didn't have the time or budget to film a lifestyle shoot. My solution was to film myself on the same turntable that I spin products. In After Effects I first keyed the footage, then animated masks to make the silhouettes look like different people and finally composited them all together. I wrote, shot, animated, and edited this video for Char-Broil using a graphic template and intro/extro animations provided by the creative agency The Variable (TVA).


Char-Broil re-branded it's patented Tru-Infrared Cooking System as AmpliFire in 2022. I Shot, animated and edited the video using graphic design elements provided by the creative agency The Variable (TVA). The video was shot with a Nikon D850, 3D animation done in Maxon Cinema 4D, and editing and motion graphics created in Adobe After Effects.


Product feature video created for Oklahoma Joe's Smokers. I wrote, shot, animated, and edited it using a Nikon D850, FotoRobot turntable, Maxon Cinema 4D, and After Effects. The graphic template and end animation was created by the creative agency The Variable (TVA).


This was a really fun collaboration with Product Manager Seth Sawyer. He needed a video to feature the complete line of Oklahoma Joe's accessories. I had just given a creative direction that product video shouldn't feature 'humanity'. Together we plotted a narrative that showed "a day in the life of a smoke". The stylized speed ramping one shot treatment commands attention and resulted in a round of applause at our annual sales meeting! Also, the pulled pork was delicious!

Sales Support

Part of supporting a product launch is training the customer how to sell the product. This video was made to show Lowe's sales associates the key selling point for Char-Broil's new lineup of premium grills.

Social Videos

Working with a vertical composition is a fun switch after years of working in traditional broadcast formats.

Griddles Teaser

The Social Media team at Char-Broil asked me to make a quick teaser for the new line of Griddles. Shot with the Nikon D850 both in studio and outdoors my task was show the fun and features without showing the full product.

FireCraft Fajitas

I love it when I can work with open fire on a live cook. The unpredictable element adds energy to the process. This video was shot on an iPhone operated by two team members and myself as we put together a tasty meal on a new product from Oklahoma Joe's.

Workstation Teaser

Made to tease the launch of a new product, this video was shot with a Nikon D850 and iPhone. Zach Miron, the Product Manager, and I captured content for five different videos on this early morning shoot which we wrapped before lunch and were able to snack on the food we prepared as a reward.

Lifestyle & Event Videos

Much of my time is spent either in a studio or in front of a computer so I jump at the opportunity to get outside and capture life in action.

Outdoor Party

Produced for the launch of a premium outdoor kitchen series this video was shot on one extremely hot and steamy August day. I wrote, shot and edited the video in collaboration with the creative agency Robert Louis Design. The concept was to capture a day in the life of a cookout. The challenges of the shoot included a pre-dawn call-time, directing over 20 models and background talent, and timing multiple scenes to coincide with food prep. The video was shot on a Nikon D850 with Drone shots provided by our Director of Product Development.

Grilling Competition

I shot and edited this video that highlights a cooking competition between Char-Broil's international Dealers that took place in 2018 at the Global HQ in Columbus, Georgia. Cameras included Nikon D850, Canon XA20 and GoPro.

Shoot it While it's Hot

Shot on a Nikon D850 and iPhone 12pro, I also wrote and edited this live cooking demo video.

Motion Graphics & Animation

This is the craft I've practiced professionally since the start of my career. Although I've tried a variety of different apps along the way, Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D are my steady go-to's to make things move.

Legacy Projects

This is a compilation of clips from projects completed when I worked at Studio Post. While there I was able to explore a wide range of styles and techniques. After Effects and 3DS max were the main tools, and projects ranged from visual effects and 3D animations to motion graphic composites and kinetic typography.

iPad Animation

Scenes from “The Avenue”. I was delighted to have the opportunity to create animations for this documentary about the decline of a once prosperous urban area. I used the app LiveSketch on an iPad to illustrate and animate along with After Effects for the finishing touches.

CDI Spaces

This video was made for online and in-store use for a company that creates customized working spaces. Using references photos I modeled and animated the sequences in 3ds Max, then added motion graphics and finishing in After Effects.

Castle Crumble

This is the climactic sequence from the independent movie “Within”. I created over 50 visual effects scenes for the film, but this is the highlight. Using 3d Max and After Effects I added all the falling debris and animated the crumbling of the castle that was shot on location in the Czech Republic.

3D Projection

A first for the city of Edmonton, I created this 3D projection video for the Youth Emergency Shelter in collaboration with InCite Marketing. The concept was to show a young person struggling with obstacles until finding an open door at the shelter, then revealing the opportunities available. For the logistics I took reference shots and made measurements of the building, then created a canvas that conformed to the dual camera projector. After storyboarding I worked with a young actor and a green screen. Stock footage was utilized as I edited the story in After Effects.
It was a thrilling and unique experience to see something I made projected three stories high with a live audience.


I love details and getting my hands dirty. This selection of content also shows off my writing and narration as I've been tasked the explain the workings of various products.


This is a selection from a series of how-to videos I produced during lockdown in 2020. I researched and wrote the script with remote consultation from Char-Broil's Product Development, Engineering and Quality Assurance teams. I then filmed, edited and provided voice over at my home. The series has been utilized by both consumers and in training for Customer Service members.

Controller Replacement

This How-to video was produced to help walk consumers through the steps of replacing a component of their grill. I enjoy the challenge of finding spots to position the camera so that it captures every step clearly. The engineer, Chris Bennett, was incredibly helpful, both demonstrating the steps and providing me the outline for the voice over I recorded.


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